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I will show you how niche marketing is your answer to more customers
Most business owners will have heard of the term "Niche Marketing" but just exactly how does it work and why?
Niche marketing is all about getting your company to stand out from the crowd. Allow me to explain. 
For this example you have an online store selling umbrellas, there are tonnes of other companies doing the same, so how do you stand out?
The first example of Niche Marketing
You decide to truly understand the needs of your market and how big that niche is, so you do some investigation into the problems people have when it comes to umbrellas. You stumble across the fact people struggle to dry off their umbrella once it has been used and it's wet.

And boom niche marketing saves your business right there with the "self drying umbrella" Your company finds a material which is self drying. There is no other umbrella like it on the market and it solves a major problem for users of umbrellas.
Another example of Niche Marketing
You are still running the umbrella company, and actually you are a seller and not a manufacturer so you can't easily create your own design, but you can go back to your customers and ask what they want.

You discover that parents are looking for child friendly umbrellas, so you ask how do they define it. The parents tell you, that the tip and point of the umbrella must be protected, it has to be light weight, easy to use, easy to store, small enough to put in a school bag, etc.

You find the umbrellas that match their requirements and then you do this.

1. Make an advert for the child friendly umbrella
2. List all the problems children have with standard umbrellas
3. list the parental concerns of their children using an umbrella
4. Show how your umbrellas are perfect for their needs.
5. Write to all of your previous customers, asking if they have a child who would benefit from a child friendly umbrella

That's how Niche Marketing can work.
Can you see in both examples we looked for a smaller market and understood their needs, that's niche marketing in action.
Alex Tomaszewska
Coach for Women in Tech
Niche Marketing Definition
You keep hearing the term "Niche Marketing" but how do you exactly define it?
When I first went onto an internet marketing workshop in 2007 that's when the term niche marketing was starting to hit me full in the face. 
I has heard of it before, but I had rarely looked into it.
And by the time I left the conference, I was really excited to go out and try and find my own niche but I was so narrow in my approach.
Niche marketing definition and what it is not
I have met a lot of people who are proud to tell me they have found a niche. I ask them what, and they say all sorts of things like, health, fitness, making money online, garden furniture, children's clothing. 

Sadly none of those are a true example of a niche.
Sure they are groups of people, but there are millions of competitors. 
So what is the definition of niche marketing?
It's when you have found a group of people you can access, who have a problem, and there are very few competitors working in that niche.

Let's turn some of the previous examples into a great example of niche marketing.

We"ll start with health.
As you can see that's way to broad, as is mens health.
But what if you provided a health service to professional drivers?
Or professional long distance drivers concerned abut their health?
All of a sudden you can talk about their specific problems of working long hours, away from home, being mainly in a sitting position, eating out all the time and having very little time to exercise.
Niche Marketing Definition #2
Next on the list is fitness.
So let's say you help people with their fitness, and yes everyone seems to be in this niche, how can you sell your services when you are competing against huge companies, and even local established companies. 

Like any business you need to be prepared to be flexible in your approach, so let us tru this out. 

1. Fitness
2. Fitness for women
3. Fitness for women who work in the corporate world
4. Fitness for women who work in the corporate world and when they get home they are a mother. 

Bang! We are starting to develop a niche.
Maybe in step 1 your message to the world was "get fit" and we see that message all the time. But in step 4 you can define that message, and be specific to a target audience relating to their problems. "How can a mother of 2 high school children stay on top of their job in the corporate world while keeping slim and healthy at the same time?"

Of course you need to test to see if you can find these people and if other companies are going after the same people. But it still remains a classic answer to your question of "Niche Marketing Definition"
Alex Tomaszewska
Coach for Women in Tech
Niche Marketing Examples
The best examples of niche marketing I can give you are the ones I have done for myself...
Niche Marketing Example 1 and how not to do it
You may have seen else where in this blog how I went to an internet marketing conference in 2007, well for the following 6 months I could not think of anything I was good at that I liked. I was thinking about all my hobbies, and there was no way anyone would want to learn from a rank amateur like me when it came to the sports I enjoy.

But as long as you have an interest, and you are willing to learn, that could be a great start. For example if you are a coach and want to help people, maybe you are a "lifestyle coach" that is not a niche that is going to work. What type of lifestyle coach are you going to be, what people will you serve and what are their specific problems?
My Personal Niche Marketing Example
I had always worked in sales or marketing to some degree, from promoting nightclubs, to recruitment, vouchers, Kirby cleaners and a lot more besides!

When I as looking for my niche I should have looked at myself.
I should have asked what I was good at and enjoyed, and yes I did have success in sales and marketing and yes I could help other people.

But I did not start selling sales and marketing services to any company, this is where I wanted to niche and it's where I struck gold. I found a group of business owners who had little or no eduction when it came to marketing, so I listened to their marketing problems and solved them. That niche was was UK driving instructors. And it's a great way to define a niche marketing example.
A Niche Marketing example with 39,000 potential customers
When I became interested with driving instructors I found the following information.

1. Most didn't know how to market their business.
2. The struggled to find customers
3. They struggled to compete against low prices.
4. I learned there were 39,000 registered instructors.
5. Yes there was some competition in terms of other service providers, but no one was particularly teaching driving school marketing. So I did. 
Alex Tomaszewska
Coach for Women in Tech
Niche Marketing Hero
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