Who else wants to speak to an audience of 1500 coaches? (For free)

Week of August 10th to August 17th
Have you got a message that needs to be shared?
Would you love the opportunity of speaking to a highly engaged online audience from the comfort of your own home?

Then you you need to register now and it's free to speak!
  • Reach out to more than 1500 coaches
  • Boost your networking
  • Practice speaking
  • Introduce new people into your business
  • Beginners welcome

Other Facebook groups don't want you telling their members about who you are and how you can help, but I want you to do EXACTLY that...

I know how hard it is to get seen and be heard by your next customers. Facebook is for sharing but it's getting harder and harder for you to talk about your business in any group!

As soon as you share something from your page into their group, or if you post a link then it can lead you to getting kicked out very quickly. 

This is why I created Speakers Week for you.
One week a month I invite coaches to come into my group, delivering great value and helping you build your network.

How To Be A Speaker

1. Register your details ( I will not spam you)
2. You will then watch a quick video on how to easily give your presentation.

3. The link to join the FB group will be provided to you.

4. You will be given the link to book your presentation.

What people say about me

Mark Langford 


"..David is able to understand my clients problems... fill in the gaps in my business... pinpoint my issues...turn my ideas into reality and will deliver the most incredible value to you as he has to me."

Jeremy Nadon


"...I met David Poole about 18 months ago and came to him with a business idea. He turned my goals into reality by creating a sales process."

Alex Tomaszewska

Coach for Women in Tech

"Ever since I started work with David Poole my business has improves drastically. Sales have gone up, the profitability has improved.He is worth the time and investment.

James Comley

Managing Director

"My business needed super charging and modernizing, David showed me what to do and to great effect...Through David's support and guidance I have a Facebook group of 5,000 people (represents 15% of the niche) He is always at he end of the phone, happy to help and so committed...Recently he helped me sell out a workshop (80 places) we could have doubled it. We would have not achieved that without David, and we are in a crowded market!"

Sammie Taylor

Trainer and Speaker

"... I had no experience of business or marketing, I had lots of great ideas but no idea how to get people to see it... David showed me how to stand out from my competition...I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for David...It's not just business but he has coached and mentored me on releasing my true potential. I would recommend anyone to go to David if they want their coaching business to succeed." 

John Lendrum

Driving School Franchise Owne

"...I want to give a testimonial for David Poole who I have had pleasure of knowing for about 3 or 4 years... I couldn't have expanded my business without Davids help...Very informative...He really has done everything he has said...he puts a lot of time in, easy to communicate with and I can get him at any time. It's a pleasure to know him, give him a call, his his professional advice..he will help you find the best way for your business."

Rob Yates

Founder of We Get Outdoors

"...Today David has given me the most profound piece of advice I have received from any coach in 24 months...The value of my session with David this morning will be worth $50,000 to $1000,000 ...he is a genius and the only regret you can have is not working with David Poole"
Marketing Niche Hero
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